2 Unblocked Teams Unblocked 2 has released the latest game. It's easy to reach your goal teams. The largest territory must be conquered. The game is easy to master at first. It can be difficult to master. You can outwit your competitors by being bold or cautious and finding the best strategy for capturing the largest area. Be careful, your tail is your weak point. You are guaranteed to die if your tail is ever touched by an enemy. is not a place where you can be certain of your territory. Your opponents will not hesitate to steal your territory. Stealing is legal.

How to play 3D

As soon as you close the gap, the area you just circled will become yours until someone else captures it – you can prevent that by breaking their line before it’s finished. The 3D aspect brings new mechanics to the table: now you need to be even more aware of your surroundings and think 3-dimensionally in order to best your enemies.

Will you rise up to the challenge and become the ruler of the Paper universe? Prove it and take your place in the hall of fame!